Managed Solutions

Transcendent manages talent to help you optimize what talent can do for you.

Utilizing the experienced skill sets of our knowledgeable consultants as well as state-of-the-art tools and technologies in the field, Transcendent allows you to delegate the time-consuming minutiae of an effective human resources department. With an eye for increased efficiency and reduced costs, Transcendent works to streamline the way human capital can work for you, and a Transcendent solution is customized to meet your company’s specific and most pressing needs.

Transcendent’s Managed Solution Services include:

Managed Services

Transcendent provides comprehensive recruitment services based on your company’s needs rather than abstract characteristics of a given position. By choosing a Transcendent solution, you reduce the time spent seeking out and vetting available talent in addition to cutting the costs of maintaining a traditional human resources department. Most importantly, with Transcendent, the recruiting process is streamlined without sacrificing the benefits of having a human resource team looking out

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Contract Recruitment

Anticipating changes in industry and in the marketplace are keys to keeping a competitive edge. Transcendent has the tools and resources to provide high-quality talent for practically any project, large or small. In our role as a client partner with your company, the Transcendent team can also help your business stay ahead of the game without incurring the costs of retaining in-house talent prior to and after a job is completed