About Transcendent

Rise Above The Next Level

To transcend means to literally rise above acknowledged limitations. Yet despite transcendence implying revolutionary change, it can be achieved merely by seeing things differently.

Company Background

Transcendent officially opened on 16 Sept 2010 and began operations the following month on 4 Oct. In the 5 years that followed we established ourselves as an experienced and skilled player in the recruitment business, as well as in HR services from payroll to pass applications.

Our domains of expertise from the start were in Call Centre, Logistics, Hospitality and Tourism, Education, and Healthcare, but we quickly expanded to cover industries such as Engineering, Retail, Real Estate, Banking and Finance, as well as IT and Transportation. At the same time, Transcendent’s focus expanded from local to international placement.

The Transcendent team consists of 3 talented consultants and 10 EA personnel, and we continue to grow. We have moved into our present facilities to accommodate expansion and to provide increasing opportunities to serve our clients.