Testimonial from Candidate

I would like to thank my consultant, Mr Arjae, for all the help that he had rendered to me to secure my current job. As everyone knows, the Job consultant is very important in job search as he can be a great pillar for the candidate in identifying the future.

He is approachable and customer-oriented. He was always ready to attend my enquirers and has been patient in checking with his client and cheerfully attended to me even after work hours.

He helped me at the very beginning to understand the culture of this company. He was responsive and meticulous in explaining the role to me. He even guided me in my preparation for interview, so that I did very well and hence, can seize this golden opportunity. He was very supportive throughout the process.

He has committed in following up with me before and after each interview session.

In conclusion, I would like to say that he was very helpful towards me throughout my job search. He has demonstrated professionalism and excellent service. After all, he is a reliable consultant indeed.