TBS Partner Appreciation Dinner 2017

TBS Partner Appreciation Dinner 2017

On 3rd November 2017, we invited a handful of our partners for dinner at Hotel Fort Canning.

At Transcendent, we aim to be our clients’ top preferred vendor. We regard our clients as partners because there’s a strong client relationship; they need us as much as we need them.

We wanted to show our appreciation for their trust and support. It was a good opportunity to get to know them on a more personal and informal setting. It was also a good chance for them to expand their network as well.


We all had fun, got fed, opened up, discussed about our challenges at work, discussed about how technology or Artificial Intelligence will affect our lives in the future and etc.


All in all the event was executed perfectly; thanks for the support of the whole team. Our clients took back something (apart from our door gift) and I bet that they also gotten to know us better on an informal setting.

The feedback was great and we are going to do this more often for our clients. We are looking forward to hosting the next event.

A very much thank you to our partners for joining us that night. Hope to see you again soon!